Looking Back at 2020

2020 was a year of great difficulty and challenges and so much more, I would like to find a positive to finish on.  (yes I know we still have Covid-19 & Brexit)

It was the year I lost too many of my friends, colleagues, family and mentors.
It was a sad year and a hard one.

2020 was the year I learned to use so use many different platforms from Zoom to Microsoft Teams to Adobe.
The year I learnt what home schooling was and why we all need our teachers.
The year I wrote children book
The year I learnt to dust my house!
The year I wrote books
The year I discovered the 5am club
The year I discovered gardening
The year I was nominated onto the Cranfield University 100 Women to Watch
The year I received an honour From the Her Majesty The Queen
The year I was elected Bencher
This was the year we got a dog (called Oti)
This was the year I increased my fundraising efforts for all my causes, from women to men to children to cancer.
This was the year I practiced gratitude every day, what gratitude really means.
Thank you

Goodbye to;

John Broadley, Barrister and friend
Julian Farrand
Ruth Badger Ginsburg
Jamie Hilary Aarvold
Julian Heap, Barrister
Nicky Berry
Helen Withingham, dentist
Denise Johnson, singer
Alan Coleman
Gone but never forgotten.

I think about so many children who are no longer here, a reminder of time before.
Let’s all take a moment to reflect.

As I sit here watching Elf, I feel grateful….

I’m still here and I’m still standing.

This year has been tough for many. It’s been important for me to be GRATEFUL each day.
It keeps me in check, most of the time!

Given that this year has been a “funny” one, my dog to make us smile ?. Fourth child! Puppy ?

Sending love

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