Sally has written numerous articles as well as several books

In this book, Sally Penni reviews the 100 years that have passed since the Sex Disqualification Removal Act 1919.

She examines the past, celebrates the present and takes a long look at the challenges still facing women in the legal profession. Talking Law offers wellbeing and career advice in a series of interviews that Sally has conducted with woman and men who are working in the legal profession a hundred years after 1919.

Sally offers a snapshot in time of how far women have come and how far there is still to go.

“This is a fascinating read for anyone working in the law. It gives a personal perspective to those working in the legal profession, many of whom have come from ‘ordinary’ backgrounds, yet have attained career success through hard work and determination. It is people like this who will inspire future generations of lawyers and make the law a much more accessible profession.”

Julia Baskerville – publisher to local law societies and the Bar

These inspirational and fabulous women share with you how they have changed their lives to become successful while pursuing their dreams. 

There have been battles through adversity, illness, depression, anxiety, along with the demands of having a family plus some significant changes in career direction. Reading their stories will empower you to put on your big girl pants and follow your dreams … it’s never too late!

Rosie is a little girl who adores unicorns.

She dreamt she met a real unicorn and, in the morning, there was Ella the Unicorn outside her window, ready to take her on a flying adventure!
This is a story about dreams and wishes, kindness and the community. What would you wish for?

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a story by a mum and daughter. Every child, no matter their race or colour, deserves a bedtime story and dreams to wish for.


Coming Soon:

  • A Sense of Purpose
  • Beyond the Law
  • Penni on Data Protection
  • Penni on Employment Rights for Women
  • Penni on the Triple C’s – Confidence, Clarity & Connections