Being Mistaken for a Defendant in Your Workplace

This week has been a tough week for all. One friend described feeling flat.

It’s a week of complaints about a TV show Britain’s Got Talent and the presenter wearing a necklace with BLM and a black barrister being mistaken for a defendant.

Article is below. This is not okay.

I last experienced this in February this year at Liverpool Crown Court. We must all stand up to be counted on this issue and use our voices and platforms.

Well done Alex. Proud of you. When you have courage, we all have courage to speak up

#BLM this is why black lives do matter and we need more diversity in law and representation matters in law as QCs and judges as advocates.

Well done Alex for standing up, this is why we need more diverse judiciary. The incident has taken me back to being conditioned to this sort of behaviour.  I should not have to be.

The over the top black searches whilst white colleagues go through, the being asked to interpret for a black defendant. It’s all quite exhausting and mostly dealt with grace, humour and get on with it attitude.
But enough is enough.

This is why a we need a more diverse legal profession. She Alexandra Wilson was not being too sensitive she is young and found it unacceptable. Young people white or black or whatever social background find all prejudice unacceptable from LGBTQ to Trans rights.

That gives me hope for the future.

Jamie Hamilton at View From The North summarised beautifully when he said he had experienced this once in 27 years as a barrister and this is really what white privilege is.

In Other News:

I made it into the Cranfield 100 Women to Watch 2020 list!

Wow me? A short black woman who is doing my best at home as a mum and in law and on my boards?!!! I’m so delighted and honoured to have been named in the #Cranfield 100

Women to Watch 2020 list (page 2!)…. Wow!

Huge thanks to Women on Boards who have been incredibly supportive on my journey especially Fiona Hathorn.

Congratulations to all the ladies on the list but specifically Cindy Butts and Nicholina Adnall who I know personally and are outstanding professionals in their field. I am so honoured to be included among this esteemed group of women leaders.

Many thanks to all of you that continue to encourage and support me in my life path… those nuggets of advice and encouragement go a long way and I am grateful.

I hope to use this opportunity to encourage others to be the best that they can be through sharing my learnings and leading others along the way.

I sit on three boards in Education, Housing and the Arts. There are quasi-judicial roles.

I was also overjoyed to received knitted characters from Rosie and the Unicorn. So funny to see yourself as knitted characters. Really made me realise the important of seeing dolls that look like you.

I feel like sending it to the court to say #this is what a barrister looks like

Not bad