December 2019 – Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

My Last blog of 2019 before a new New decade starts. 

We are leaving Europe and entering a new world of change. 

I wanted to share what I have been up to since the last blog. 

Women who I admire:

Baroness Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court is retiring, her last day will be on 10 January 2020. 

I attended her valedictory on 18 December but felt my imposter syndrome was at its height. 

Full of top players paying tribute according to Legal Geek and other legal reporters. I was delighted to be amongst those there. Not a judge in the court of appeal or High court… yet but a Barrister with an earned right to be there. 

I must say to be amongst the greats was so nerve racking instead Lord Hughes and Lord Hoffman and Lady Hales PA the brilliant Ayo Ayotande came to welcome me and gave me a big hug and that made everything okay. 

Part from the valedictory which was screened live, I was there to deliver Life Time Achievement award awarded to Lady Hale which i accepted on her behalf in November.  


I have been fortunate in 2019 to win some fantastically prestigious awards for being me, and for my work. 

I was humbled on each occasion.

I won Northern Leaders in the Northern Leadership Awards in November 2019 in Leeds. Business awards by Business Desk. 

I am especially pleased to be a finalist as #Barrister of the year in the Modern Law awards on 6 February 2020 A national award. I hope to win as it would mean so much to me to win in my professional capacity.  

Competition will be tough but I am thrilled to be recognised for my work in the day job but also in my spare time. 

Who Who Inspire Me…

I had the wonderful opportunity to mean Nisha Katona who was a barrister in family for 20 years in Liverpool and left to set up Mowgli restaurant. She was wonderful and wanted to meet up. Such an inspiring entrepreneur.

Also hugely inspired by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC Barrister and Broadcaster

So who am I? 

I am Sally Penni, Lawyer, Thought Leader, Author and Public Speaker.


I believe in supporting charities whenever I can. I have always fundraisers for breast cancer prevent to others. 

Sally Sparkles for December 

Please donate and support my cause.

Please Support #SallySparkles for #Charity

Sally Penni, Barrister at Law, FRSA, CCMI, MPSA, NED, and founder of Women in the Law UK will be wearing glitter, sequins and sparkles every day of December for #childrenscharities and #accessforjustice. 

From a brooch, tie pin to a full outfit wear as much or as little as you want men, women and children join in!

It costs £4 for the telephone to be answered to children by the NSPCC

Donate as low as £1 for everyday that she wears glitter

*  £3 could pay for our #SpeakoutStaysafe programme to reach 1 primary school child, giving them the knowledge to protect themselves from abuse

*  £4 could pay for 1 of our trained #volunteer #counsellors to answer a child’s call for help to #Childline

*  £5 could cover the cost of answering a call to the NSPCC helpline

*  £580 could cover the cost for our Speak out Stay safe programme to visit 1 primary school and speak to every child aged 5-11

*  £1,600 could pay to recruit, train and support a new Childline volunteer.


What are my goals for 2020?

How can you score if you don’t have any goals? 

Nikki Alderson Ex barrister and now an executive coach says this and I guess she is right. 

So my goals are:

  1. To stay healthy physically and mentally. 
  2. Avoid burn out
  3. Spend more time with my family.
  4. Take women in the law uk to the next level. 
  5. Have career progression whatever that might be 
  6. Release of, My three books Penni on Data protection, Sense of Purpose by Sally Penni, TrippleC by Sally Penni and Beyond the Law
  7. Be happy being me. 

My January 2020 charity challenge is to do dry January 

Red January exercise everyday 

Eat green 

So please sponsor me 

For mind and mental health charity, cancer research, 


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