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Books Long before unicorns, covid and lockdowns
I wrote articles and books on the law. I am yet to have Sunday Times bestseller That will always feel surreal to me!

The aim of each of my books is to answer that question. Tips that bend around your life, backed up with digestible chunks of evidence

Whenever I receive a copy of the book and hold it in my hand, it feels incredible. It never gets old.

I’m proud of all my books from law books to unicorns because I’ve worked hard on them. But the thought that they could inspire just a handful of people well that’s That’s what keeps me going.

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Talking Law volume 2 – the Podcast diaries. October
Raising money for
Barbenevolent fund

A sense of purpose and confidence by Sally Penni November 2020

Penni on Employment rights
Penni on Data protection

Fictional novel released
January 2021

Now looking for agent and publisher for more of my books.