What Makes a Great Leader?

In the space of a week I have had the privilege to interview some great leaders from whom I have learned a learned a lot in a mini conference I set up and for my series ‘How to reach the Top’.


They included: 

·       Emma Elston MBE a successful businesswoman and self-made entrepreneur

(founder & CEO of multi-million turnover company UK Container Maintenance)

·      Andy Burnham the Mayor of Manchester and former Member of Parliament

·      Jill Paterson a partner at human rights law firm Leigh Day

·      Rose Marley a dear friend and leader of social enterprise Sharpe Futures encouraging young people and lawyers to be on boards

·      Rosalyn Bever family lawyer & Irwin Mitchell on the skills required for the future post Covid-19

·      Dr. Courtenay Griffiths QC a legal legend – Q&A about his 40 years as a barrister, the racism he suffered and why black lives matter.

What has been my main learnings this week?

Believe in yourself.”


I set up Women in the Law UK to have a positive impact, an organisation which is trying to change the narrative and I believe our children will lead organisations of the future that want to do things differently.


Let’s build back better after Covid-19, look at the skills missing, offer more apprenticeships, change the culture in organisations for women and build allies with LGBTQ community.

Let us all lead in these areas.


Deeds Not Words, what do you think makes a great leader?