Lockdown – Week 5

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Week 5 of COVID 19 lock down.
I have enjoyed the Easter holidays. Gardening and falling asleep in the garden with my daughter after to much skipping and watering.
So I am doing okay. However Juggling home schooling, the technology for the day job working and cleaning is hard work.
I am managing to give back. Volunteering one 1 to give calls.
My lunch and learn webinars are very successful. Many people attending. The Thursday nights are also good for people to attend and just have #time to talk
I have also managed to be attend some webinars not mine to learn new things.
Are you zoomed out during COVID?
There are so many webinars and zooms that no be is using the phone to call anymore.
I was beginning to be zoomed and
Physical and mental wellbeing is so important.
I am managing to take care of my self with exercise and started a gratitude diary for me and a gratitude jar for the children. We have to write things we are grateful for.
Such a great idea and then can remind ourself on day that not feeling positive all the great things.
Women who inspire me.
There are so many amazing women who inspired me
I have interviewed for my podcasts
Kirsty Brimelow QC international lawyer at Doughty Street. A remarkable lawyer educated by the state and inspiring role model.
Also Brie Stevens -Hoare QC
Property Barrister.
Openly gay woman passionate about LGBT rights and the importance of allies.
And this week I Stephanie Boyce the first black president of the law society. The produce of wo drugs generation she will be the first black person and black woman to be president. Who said change want coming?
Listen to her story on the podcast
Who is next?
Coming up and look out for my interviews with
The Secret Barrister
Gillian Long GC for Vimto
Sean Jones QC
Mary Prior QC
Alison Lobb
Danielle Ayres Solicitor at Gorvins
Felicity Gerry QC
Chris Daw QC on social mobility
And many more including and no not in law but Inspirational actor talking about her legal roles
Actress Maxine Peake or as we all know her Martha Costello .
Don’t miss it. And you can catch up on all the podcasts.
Finally a big concern for me has been the number of deaths . So upsetting. Especially the deaths in America from Black and minority backgrounds.

I was upset about the lady not black but who survived the war but has been killed by COVID and also by the death of Rob tinders grand father a Jewish refugee who he was so fond of.

I will be releasing his podcast earlier as a sign of respect.
I was so upset as well by the death of NHS workers and the pregnant nurse who died but her child survived.
I have been looking at the evidence and considering what I can do?
Well, because statistically black and minority ethnics are disproportionately dying from Covid-19. BME in the UK make up just 13% of the population but account for 35% of Covid-19 related deaths. There are many reasons for this:
  • Low socio-economical neighbourhoods
  • Crowded houses that are intergenerational
  • Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
  • Service workers i.e. cleaners, carers and nurses
So I will be doing some fundraising for the NHS and BAME community.
Please donate via my fundraising page.
Every little counts.
I have been inspired by the war veteran who has raised £10 million pounds for the nhs by walking with his Zimmer frame.
What a legend.
Look out for my challenge please.
It may well be a combination of sparkles, press ups and squats.
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