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September 2019 – Law Links Conference

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Photo of Sally Penni with Naeema Choudhry Eversheds, Faria Ali and DJ Tam Ikram.

Earlier this year, I spoke at the Law Link Careers Conference for students.
At freshfields and by Faria Ali from Herbert Smith LLP. Focus I gave a Ted style talk. I gave a ted talk to a room full of students and entrants to the law.
Along with judges DJ Tan Ikram and also HHJ Boora. It was great day organised for Law Link Manchester.

I spoke about my experiences as and gave advice and tips on interviews, resilience and longevity in the law and why I set up Women in the Law UK.

It really inspired me to hear the stories of the other speakers but to share my experience and encourage #youngpeople

It got me thinking If we all gave up a day or an hour once a year at least to speak to students and entrant from underrepresented groups, the profession would be better represented in terms of diversity in different socio economic backgrounds to BAME and ethnicity from junior to senior leaders in law and to an extent in business.

  • There are many programmes in schools people can participate in. I have participated in bar council speakers4schools
  • Inspire the future set up by Mariam Gonzalez
  • One million mentors

Photos by Ade Kihinde.

Graph I was gutted to see the figures on retention highlighted by an article in the Financial Times written by Nikki Alderson .
This is a Worrying trend evidenced in several surveys and statics from BSB and SRA. It highlights the problem of women staying at the Bar. Proof that we need to do more and that organisations like women in the law uk are still very needed and relevant.
Women in the law uk is about professional development and training. Solutions to Retention.
Given the report and article We need to now to focus on solutions to the retention problem.
I believe coaching, research and personal development and master classes are some of the tools needed to help. So that Exiting leaving the profession should be the last resort. So that we provide support and information for those considering leaving the profession not just the Bar.

We need to ensure that in another 100 years, women will still be in the law and will have progressed. So that we can find women of all ethnicity are in more leadership roles, judicial positions , partnerships and CEO roles.

Research, R and D,

Check out some of the research I have commissioned to deal with this,
The Penni Report Phase 1 ,
Inequalities in Law commissioned by me with Manchester University,

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