Learning to Speak

Throughout COVID 19 I have sought to provide a support network and encourage others through it. I have done this through education and training one hour a day every week for the last 11 weeks.


An escapism during lunch time, whilst working or home schooling, for students, lawyers and businesses, men & women everywhere. I have learnt so much and read so much recommended by the fantastic experts I invite to conduct the training with me.

I chair and question their presentation in the Q&A and offer guidance to the audience also. I am no Paxman or John Humphries or brilliant Emily Maitlis, but I use my skills as a practicing barrister and as an advocate to test the speaker.


I have learnt so much myself and am now applying some of the learnings from the expert speakers given to my webinar audiences. So, following the Personal Branding session on LinkedIn live I thought I would reach out and say if you need keynote speaker / published speaker on my specialist areas of law and non-law subject areas please do ask me.


I am available for meaningful speaking opportunities on Leadership in the Law and Business and

Diversity in the Law.


I speak on a variety of topics including:

·       Building a Network (that works with your values and passions)

·       Non-executive Board Roles

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Imposter Syndrome

Amongst other venues I speak at: (as keynote, panellist, chair or MC)

·       Businesses

·       Organisations

·       Law Firms & Networks

·       Universities & Student Unions. 


To book me please contact pa.sallypennibarrister@gmail.com 

For testimonials about me as keynote speaker, trainer, chair and host are available on my LinkedIn profile.