What do you Choose?

What do you choose?


Happy Weekend, it’s Choose a Day day.


You can choose how you feel (even if you don’t feel like it and even when it’s hard).

·      Choose to smile

·      Choose to love

·      Choose to help

·      Choose to be kind

·      Choose to be happy

·      Choose to be you


Happy Friday.


I try to have a positive mind set wherever I go, whenever I can, work or home despite my own burdens, grief or issues.


The children can see positive mindset and growth mindset. Being positive all the time is exhausting but I try to choose one of the above.


What do you choose?


New Book


It has been interesting to see the success of my daughter and my children’s book.

Doing well and raising money for charities, Rosie and the Unicorn is now available to buy on Amazon.


Summer holidays


I hope you enjoy your staycation, a change of scenery but still socially distancing.

For many shielding families and people this will be hard but wellbeing and mental health is important and its important to have a change of scenery.