What Will Your Life’s Work Look Like After You’ve Gone?

What do you want your life’s work to look like after you have left this life?

A little personal but important a question nonetheless.


The funny thing about death, it’s inevitable and natural but when it comes it is still so sad and devastating. Having been supporting so many colleagues through bereavement during covid19, a death in one’s family is hard to deal with.


Yesterday we, my family and I lost a dear father figure. A wonderful Man, friend and counsel to me, an amazing role model and a decent human being.

His death makes me think about one’s own life and the things that truly matter.  For me it’s family, friends, happiness & laughter. (and yes the law.)


What do you want your life’s work to look like after you have left this life?

Sending love to all those who are missing loved ones they lost. Loved ones we lost far too early and gone to heaven.

We talk about our carbon footprint but what do you want your human footprint to be?

How did you make people feel when you were alive?


In a small way I hope to continue his life’s work, I will miss him terribly – my nearly biggest fan rest in peace JA. A wonderful man, who I miss already, he brought so much joy, memories & laughter.


It’s been a tough week with grief and reflection.


Thank you to all the speakers this week and the stand ins for me at my webinars.


What do you do when you are feeling vulnerable?

Distraction is good, I am grateful to have friends who brought us Krispy donuts & flowers to make me smile.