Black Lives Matter



The video of George Floyd’s brutal death broke my heart.


I’ve watched the protests that followed and have felt overwhelmed with solidarity, it has caused reflection for all of us.


I have long believed love is stronger than hate. It seems I was not alone.”

Dr Martin Luther King

Now more than ever we need all our friends black & brown and white to understand racism, we need allies.


We must ensure we in that we build a better society for our children. 

As a black professional woman I experience racism, as a mother of 3 mixed heritage children I experienced racism last year when the children were present and that I cannot tolerate. 

We cannot tolerate racism, sexism, anti Semitism, homophobia or any of the isms. We must not allow hate to win.


Read the quote and see how you feel. This is rather personal blog but I believe #we can all use our voices, our professions to protest in other ways without hitting the streets.


As the pandemic continues now more than ever we need some good news, this week we got some. 

The radio station AllFM 96.9 which I volunteer for with a show of my own was awarded the Queens Voluntary Award for service all the hard working volunteers are delighted. I’m so proud of them all and all the fundraising. Well done and thank you to whoever nominated them. 

Also The Lord Lt has written has written to them. 

Finally as a leader I love learning…