March 2020

March is here and spring is finally here.

Having survived storm Dennis I am looking forward to the coming months.

It will be time for me to start training for my 26 mile walk for charity. The mighty hike.

I am walking it for MacMillan.

Please sponsor me below.

Please can you sponsor me for this walk in June? It will kill me.

You can help me raise money for this great cause by donating directly to my fundraising page –

I am not sure quite how I will fit this in given I am a mother and the weekends are full enough! 

Wish me luck

My book

I am delighted to announce that my book talking law is finally here.

I am proud of the book and hope that you enjoy reading it both in the law and outside fo the law.

I hope it provides inspiration and encouragement.

I am pleased that profits from the sale of this book will go to the following:

Fawcett Society Equal Pay Advice Service:

Prevent Breast Cancer UK:

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital:

Access to Justice Foundation:

Legal Action Group:

I am now looking forward to writing my next book ‘A sense of Purpose’ which will be out in the Summer.

Coming Soon – more books from Sally Penni

A Sense of Purpose

Beyond the Law

Penni on Data Protection

Penni on Employment Rights for Women

Penni on the Triple C’s: – Confidence, Clarity and Connection, Advice on How to Have More Triple C’s and Beat Your Imposter Syndrome

Women who inspire me


I went to Harry Potter world tour @wbtour.

I loved it and whilst Jo Rowling JKRowling the author of the books is one of my heroes and women I admire. The tour confirmed what she had created in her books give hope to so

Many. She herself is my hero because of all the hardship she went through as a single mother.


Please take care and comply with the Department of health guidelines on the virus which is now an epidemic.


Bring a mummy is delight and with all it hard work, it’s great to give back to the lovely pta.

I have always been keen to help

Out at the Chikdrens school when I can.

Wonderful to help the pta who are a charity holding with their movie night.

Raising 600 pounds.

Great to give back. More resilient people give back.

Take care and until next time

Follow the COVID 19 virus guidance .

Until next time